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Welcome to Biotech Medical Lab

  • With laboratories situated Dubai, Ajman, and RAK we are confident of providing premium diagnostic services. Our couriers ensures that samples are collected quickly and efficiently to make the result quickly
  • Our laboratories are prepared with highly developed equipment and instruments, according to the most recent advancements in international laboratory industries. Combined with modern laboratory information systems, we can confidently identify our patients through digital bar-coding techniques and are able to track and monitor all samples accurately and efficiently.
  • We offer an unparalleled diagnostic service that is available to clinics and hospitals across the entire UAE, ensuring that the test results are accurate, available on time and that our processes are efficient and reliable.
  • We have acquired with a team of highly qualified and experienced dedicated professionals.

Chairman Message

On behalf of the entire Biotech lab team, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Biotech Lab Website to experience our ultimate services and ideal care. Our goal is to build a strong partnership Based on trust, ensuring the safety, reliability, efficiency, and finding innovative ways to provide great values to fulfill your needs. Our focus is to provide exceptional care while meeting individual needs with compassion.

Biotech lab is a company established in the UAE bringing Medical Diagnostic and clinical Laboratory management in the private sector across the country. We provide a large array of laboratory services in the healthcare community. Our service is designed to meet all these needs in an orderly manner that is grounded with its best practice. Our progressive thinking and creative approach are what make us stand out from crowd.

Our comprehensive advanced technology, highly standardized procedure, precisely document quality control, extremely competent medical staff, accurate and timely results, set biotech labs right at the forefront of diagnostic health care in the UAE. Our team is committed to providing you with the best possible experience.

I am extremely proud the work we do at biotech lab adhering to the highest standards in conducting business, with the most perfectly safe record, diligent management, and constant search for improvement in performance. We look forward to meet all your health care needs. Our managing director, Saleh Al Qadura set the example for us to follow his passion for excellence in service and superior quality. His passion remains our focal point of this company and continues to translate into tremendous success. Biotech lab invites you to explore our website and learn more about all that we have to offer

  • At Biotech Labs, we set our sights high. Our aspirations are clearly focused on becoming the Doctor and patient’s choice for quality, accurate diagnostic testing with fast turnaround times. Our goal is to create leading services by gaining insight into customer needs and providing innovative health care solutions. We serve by delivering quality healthcare that is accessible and affordable to all.
  • We strive to provide every patient and every customer with services and products of uncompromising quality – error free, on time, and always
  • Credibility is the key to our success; therefore, all of our processes, decisions and actions ultimately are driven by integrity. We are honest and forthright in all our dealings with our customers and with each other.
  • We strive to be the best at what we do both as a company and as individuals. We embrace the qualities of personal leadership - courage, competence, confidence and a passion for surpassing expectations.
  • To deliver the highest quality of diagnostic services to our community so as enable optimal patient care.
  • Rapidly generate reports with honesty and integrity
  • Contribute towards clinical decision making
  • Create an organization propelled by knowledge
  • Deliver for its members a platform to acquire & share knowledge
  • Become an employer of choice in healthcare
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